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A Salute to All Mothers

Mothers in the micro world have the same instinct to protect and care for their young, that's why we call it the maternal instinct. For some, it may mean standing guard by the eggs without food until the young is born. For others, it could mean complete dedication towards providing food for their young. In the most extreme cases, the mothers sacrifice themselves ultimately as food for their newborns.

This entry showcases examples of mothers exhibiting their maternal instincts, be it protecting their eggs, or their young. A salute to them!

Daddy Long Legs (Pholcidae) - DSC_5087 #1 Leaf-Dwelling Daddy-Long-Leg (Uthina atrigularis) carrying eggs wrapped in a few strands of silk, with it's jaws. View the complete blog entry here: A Congregation of Tiger Beetles

Huntsman Spider (Sparassidae) - DSC_5324 #2 A huge Nursery Web Spider carrying it's egg sac with it's jaws. These are often mistaken to be huntsman spiders as they have very similar eye arrangements (2 rows, 4 on each row). View the complete blog entry here: A Congregation of Tiger Beetles

Wolf Spider (Lycosidae) - DSC_7148 #3 A wolf spider carries it's egg sac while basking in the morning sun, waiting for the morning dew to evaporate. View the complete blog entry here: Gems of Mandai

Assassin Bug (Reduviidae) - DSC_5079 #6 Assassin bug high above, standing guard with it's eggs. View the complete blog entry here: The Shy Tortoise... Beetle!

Lichen Huntsman (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_1043 #7 A Lichen Huntsman Spider with a watchful eye over her newborn. View the complete blog entry here: The Huntsman Spider's Babies

Scorpion (Lychas scutilus) - DSC_8982 #8 A scorpion mama hoisting her offspring on her back. This shot was illuminated with an Ultra Violet light. View the complete blog entry here: Secret Garden - Tarantula and Scorpion kids

Shield-Based Bug (Scutelleridae) - DSC_7754 #9 The Shield-backed bug (Cantao ocellatus) stands guard over it's children under a leaf. This photo was published in the December 2010 issue of Popular Photography Magazine, Page 38. View the complete blog entry here: Shield-backed Bug with Kids

Orb Weaver Spider (Neogea nocticolor) - DSC_1287 #10 The Neogea Nocticolor Spider is known for elaborate decorations on it's web. It also likes to hang it's egg sacs on it's web! View the complete blog entry here: The Spider Temple

Twig-Like Whip Spider (Ariamnes sp.) - DSC_7702 #11 The whip spider pretends to be a hanging twig while waiting for prey. But when she senses danger, she does not hesitate to stand guard by it's egg sac. View the complete blog entry here: Admiralty Park Overnight Shoot

Red Tent Spider (Cyrtophora unicolor) - DSC_5240 #12 This red tent spider stood virgil over it's egg sac for over 3 weeks. View the complete blog entry here: Admiralty Park - Red Tent Spider Nest

A happy mother's day to all mothers, big salute to you!!

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