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Observing the Micromovements of Bugs

Was shooting the pupae of a Nolid Moth, also known affectionately as Big Head Cat to the shooters at Admiralty Park, when I noticed that the head's shape changes slowly. These minute movements can only be observed if you stare long enough through a macro lens... so I did a small animation to illustrate it. :P

Nolid Moth - DSC_7867 #1 Head shot of the Nolid Moth Pupae, it's head contorts slowly like a massage chair

Nolid Moth larva (Nolidae) - DSC_7885 #2 Discovered the movements after I shot this and wondered why it's head was so lopsided

Nolid Moth larva (Nolidae) - DSC_7865 #3 Side profile of the big headed guy. Yes, the swollen part is the head!

Caterpillar - DSC_7809 #4 The guy responsible for the hole in the leaf!

Caterpillar - DSC_7810 #5 Going closer to view it's face

Caterpillar - DSC_7828 #6 And closer... munching slowly

Caterpillar - DSC_7852 #7 Side profile of the punk hairdo

Spider's egg sac? - DSC_7839 #8 Likely to be the emptied egg sac of a Whip Spider (aka Twig Spider)

Cicada moult (Cicadidae) - DSC_7888 #9 Moulted shell of a Cicada

Caterpillar - DSC_7908 #10 A horned caterpillar with a little buddy attachment on top

The complete album can be viewed here.
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