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Gems of Mandai

Mandai Track 15 is a popular mountain biking trail and pretty well conserved. You won't see workers slashing the plants as they grow too dense, like in Admiralty Park. Just pure unadulterated nature. :)

Wolf Spider (Lycosidae) - DSC_7148 #1 Lance spotted this female wolf spider carrying an egg sac. It was bathing in the morning sun as morning dew sparkled on it's back

St Andrew's Cross Spider (Argiope pulchella) - DSC_7159 #3 St Andrew's Cross Spider savours over it's meal while the much smaller male awaits... for courtship? Or maybe the male brought the food for her???

Cellar Spider (Pholcidae) - DSC_7162 #4 Tiny little spider with extremely long legs.

Beetle - DSC_7178 #5 Lots of these bright coloured bugs were resting on the leaves

Bark Louse (Psocoptera) - DSC_7186 #6 Odd-looking fly sticking it's face into a tree bark

Ladybird-Mimic Beetle - DSC_7203 #7 Ladybird says hi! If you've not read my previous explanations before on why I didn't label it as Ladybug... Ladybird for UK English, Ladybug for US English.

Ladybird-Mimic Beetle - DSC_7213 #8 I think the fella noticed me...

Fungus Beetle? - DSC_7219 #9 Lots of gems on the tree barks!

Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_7231 #10 Super flat huntsman spider with a tinge of green

Flesh Flies (Sarrcophagidae) - DSC_7238 #12 Spotted this huge pair of mating houseflies, just took a shot as I already had many side-profile pics of this pose :P

Long-Legged Sac Spider (Miturgidae) - DSC_7242 #13 Ant shows no respect for the spider as it scampers up and down in front of the much larger arachnoid

Hasselt's Spiny Back Spider (Gasteracantha hasselti) - DSC_7260 #14 Hasselt's Spiny Spider enjoy's it's fresh catch

Coccoon - DSC_7287 #15 A caged up pupae. Some said that this "cage" was created using the spiny back of the caterpillar and protects it while it transforms. A spider is spotted hiding below, waiting for a good meal.

Darkling Beetle (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_7319 #16 Yet another bark loving bug

Darkling Beetle (Tenebrionidae) - DSC_7321 #17 Better view of the bug

The complete album can be viewed here.
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