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Shield-backed Bug with Kids

Shield-backed bug (Cantao ocellatus) from the Scutelleridae family. Often brightly coloured and sought after by macro enthusiasts.

Last in the queue as all the regulars were there early to shoot the newborns. Me with the smallest tripod. lol. It was raining, so I used handheld in the end and left with just a few shots. No time to set up.

Here's how they look now!

Shield-Based Bug (Scutelleridae) - DSC_7754 #1 Mommy letting the kids run around

Shield-Based Bug (Scutelleridae) - DSC_7780 #2 "Alright all of u come back NOW!!!!" - and one notti one strays off

Shield-Based Bug (Scutelleridae) - DSC_7775 #3 Side view, u can see the egg shells from this angle

The complete album can be viewed here.
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