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Pulau Ubin - Butterfly Hill

Made a mini adventure to Pulau Ubin to visit the Butterfly Hill. Had been hearing alot about it and finally had a chance to check it out! :) Its just a short walk from the jetty if you're going from the ferry terminal at Changi Village. Bum boat ride costs $2.00 one-way, and Changi Village sells very cheap bottles of mineral water!

Plain Tiger - DSC_5624 #1 Plain Tiger doing a peekaboo

Plain Tiger - DSC_5628 #2 Plain Tiger

Plain Tiger larva - DSC_5631 #3 Pupae of the Plain Tiger

Plain Tiger - DSC_5659 #4 Side profile of the Plain Tiger

Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_5673 #5 This Jumping Spider seems afraid of me?

Orb Weaver Spider (Araneus nox) - DSC_5703 #6 Ugly looking spider, record shot only!

Moth - DSC_5742 #7 Moth with wings folded

Common Grass Yellows - DSC_5765 #8 Mating Common Grass Yellows

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