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Admiralty Park - Red Tent Spider Nest

Usual trip to Admiralty Park in the morning to find many shooters crowding around the Cyrtophora Unicolor, Red Tent Spider.

Red Tent Spider (Cyrtophora unicolor) - DSC_5240 #1 Cyrtophora Unicolor Red Tent Spider guarding its egg sac

Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_5295 #2 Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider top view

Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_5358 #3 Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider front view

Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider (Salticidae) - DSC_5331 #4 Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider side view

Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_5388 #5 Huntsman Spider guarding its nest

Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes sp.) - DSC_5402 #6 Closeup on Huntsman Spider

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